Harkaitz Mtnez. de San Vicente (San Sebastian – Donostia, 1975) and Igor Otxoa (San Sebastian – Donostia, 1973) play together txalaparta as a pair since 1997, the year in which Oreka Tx was born. From there on, the sound of their txalaparta has participated in a lot of projects and bands.

Since they joined the music band of Kepa Junkera, they have participated in all his discs and tour in a big number of countries. They have played together with: Carlos Núñez Altan, Taraf de Haidouks, María del Mar Bonet, Hendirgarna, Susa Seivane, Dulce Pontes, Pat Metheny, Berrogüeto or Phil Cunningham. They are musicians who, surprised by the quality and versatility of these txalaparta masters, have wanted them to be incorporated into their shows.

Oreka Tx collaborated also in discography projects of different musicians like Alasdair Fraisier, Kepa Junkera, Phil Cunningham, Oskorri, Hevia or Gontzal Mendibil.

Festivals around Europe, America and Japan were used as a launch pad to make Txalaparta known internationally to the general public and to the specific media.

Quercus Endorphina is the title of their first album, it was published by Elkarlanean in 2001 and it was produced by Kepa Junkera. At the end of 2006, their second album will be in the stores and it wil contain outcome of the Project Nömadak Tx.

Getting deeper in the fusion of music and dancing, Nacho Duato, famous Spanish dance and choreographer, made the spectacle Txalaparta out of six songs from this disc, and it was represented by the National Company of Dancing in the Teatro Real in Madrid. This show has visited the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao and other parts of the world.

Recently they participated in the original soundtrack of a movie called Backwoods, from the director Koldo Sierra, premiered in the 2006 International Film Festival of San Sebastian. 

banda sonora original del largometraje Backwoods, del director Koldo Serra, estrenado en el Festival Internacional de Cine de San Sebastián 2006.

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